J.D. Jackson mistakes me for today’s seminar speaker


Today I sat in on the "4D" seminar at LBL. When I got there Olga, the Particle Theory admin, thought I'd just graduated from high school… this was a bit deflating after being so happy to be a graduate student finally. Then, as I sat in the seminar room, J.D. Jackson ("The Jackson" as Matt Buckley called him) introduced himself to me, addressing me as "Mr. Park," the seminar speaker. Confused, I introduced myself as an incoming graduate student. I explained the whole two-year deferral deal (I guess I have to do every time I meet someone) and he said that he thought Cambridge was a very nice place (as long as I wasn't talking about the Cambridge next to Boston). Afterwards I said goodbye and he said "I'll see you in three (why three?) years, if I'm still alive." What a guy.

(For those not "in the know," J.D. Jackson is a professor emeritus at UCB who wrote the great American graduate-level electrodynamics text. His name is well known–perhaps revered and feared–by every American physics graduate student.)


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