Futurama Moment


In high school I never really liked Matt Groening’s Futurama, while it was geeky, it didn’t quite have the universal appeal of The Simpsons. To its credit, however, Futurama, has had its moments, including guest appearances by the likes of Stephen Hawking and Al Gore (though I think they were both in the same episode). In more recent months I’ve been casually watching episodes when I’m bumming around and blogging. In fact, I’m watching it right now.

Futurama Screen Shot
One of Futurama‘s finer physics moments.

One of the things Futurama does very well, as a science fiction cartoon, is spoof real science. I was moved to blog a short note commending Futurama after a scence in episode 4 of season 4 (“Less than Hero”), where Professor Farnsworth orders a “Supercollidr” from Pi-kea (it’s funny if you’ve ever bought anything from Ikea), which Bender promptly assembles.

In the above image, pilfered from a math website, Prof. Farnsworth makes fun of many current topics in physics: dark matter, string theory (including eminent string theorist Ed Witten, whose daughter was in my year at Stanford), supersymmetry, neutrinos, and cosmological relic densities.

Kudos to Futurama!


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