Archive for July 13th, 2006

Fermilab physicist Joe Lykken has posted a nice, relatively qualitative paper on the arXiv regarding the current “big picture” of particle physics. hep-ph/0607149 Report-no: FERMILAB-CONF-06-239-T Abstract: A concise look at the big picture of particle physics, including the status of the Standard Model, neutrinos, supersymmetry, extra dimensions and cosmology. Based upon the theoretical summary presented […]

Anabelle Gurwitch, a comic actress/writer, has an audio commentary on NPR with a proposed solution to the nation’s declining number of science students: educate parents. How can we expect our children to pursue science, she asks, if their parents are generally uneducated in science? Meanwhile, our most respected professions–doctors, lawyers, NBA players–tend to shy away […]