Berkeley SPS BBQ


Yesterday the Berkeley Society of Physics Students hosted a departmental BBQ in the LeConte courtyard, something that happens roughly once a month during the academic year. (By the way, I have to say the Stanford SPS Website is much nicer… though I may be biased.)

I chatted a little with Matt Buckley (one of Hitoshi Murayama’s students) and North Hollywood High School Alumni Ed Marti (who is one of the SPS leaders). The event was very nice and food was really cheap, I attach a copy of the menu below:

Price list:
Burger $1.00
Chicken Burger $1.50
Salmon Burger $1.75
Garden Burger (Vegetarian)$1.50
Boca Burger (Vegan) $1.50
Hot Dog/Hot Link $1.25
Kielbasa $1.50
Cheese $0.50
Soda/Water $0.50
Chips $0.50
Pickles $0.25

Not bad! It’s definitely in the graduate student price range. Though I should note Stanford’s quarterly Physics Department BBQs are free and often have live music.


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