Recap: July 4th at the Berkeley Marina


This is a little bit late, but since I’m now saving my photos on flickr, I can share my explorations from this past 4th of July. (That evening I wrote a blog titled “Physics is Patriotic” instead of writing a recap.) I went to go check out the Berkeley Marina, which was hosting live music, food, and evening fireworks. After missing the bus twice, I managed to get o the last AC line 9 bus (free for students, $1.75 otherwise) that was entering the marina before the shut it down to traffic.

Sailboats: it really is a marina!

The area was very nice–lots of potential for bike paths and picnics (I really should get a picnic blanket, but it’s not the same if I’m the only one having a picnic). Here’s a picture showing a rocky beach with a bonfire in the background:

The main food area had about six or seven booths serving typical “county fair” foods at typical special event prices. I had a small sno-cone for $3.50, a frozen watermelon-ade for $2.50 (tastes like artificial bubblegum flavoring), and bought a mint brownie for $2.00. A few years ago deep fried twinkies made a splash at county fairs across the country. I’m amused to see what that trend has come to:

That’s right: Deep fried artichoke hearts and deep fried asparagus! I guess the vegetables balance out the unhealthiness of the deep frying? By the way, artichoke hearts make a great addition to pasta (artichoke hearts, pasta, chicken cubes, and a hearty helping of shredded cheese).

I ended up having jambalaya from one of these nifty bread bowls. The last (and first) time I ate something out of a bread bowl was in Seattle, when I went to go visit the University of Washington. As such, the relative novelty of the bread bowl was the only thing that could justify the $8 price tag. It ended up being quite good, though I couldn’t figure out how to eat the bowl while standing up.

I decided to leave before the sun went down so I could be sure that I could catch a bus back to my studio. But I wanted to add one more photo of the undergraduate housing at Berkeley:

Actually, it’s a picture of the “Adventure Playground” for kids in the Marina. Berkeley undergrads don’t get to live in that kind of luxury. (!)

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