QFT at 9 a.m.


There must be something about Quantum Field Theory that begs professors to teach it at ungodly hours in the morning. It looks like the QFT course I’ll be taking next term with the Cambridge Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) will not only be at 9 a.m., but will meet on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings!

Based on the provisional lecture list that the department posted, it also looks like G.W. GibbonsDifferential Geometry for Physicists course and P.D. D’Eath’s Quantum Cosmology course will, unfortunately, not be offered. I was especially excited about Professor Gibbons’ course, as it touches on geometric quantization, a topic that has been of interest to me. He does have lecture notes available online and is a fellow at Trinity, so I may have a chance to try to arrange a tutorial of some sort (at least here’s crossing my fingers for it).


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