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Bucheron Cheese


I’ve found a wonderful new cheese for my salads. Chris (of UCSF) recommended putting crumbly cheese into my salads… so I went to the Cheese Board Collective (a wonderful cheese and bread wonderland that justifies the existence of high school cheese clubs) and they suggested this soft cheese called Bucheron (I also ordered a gorgonzola […]

My latest discovery: the easiest way to cut half of a pepper (a red pepper, at least) is using a pizza cutter! I’d been having trouble chopping through the skin with my kitchen knife, but lo and behold, the pizza cutter works exceptionally well.

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time, as it was the juxtaposition I used to title this blog (at least until my location shifts). Anything that involves pitting Stanford against Berkeley is nominally tagged with a “Big” prefix. Hence the annual football game is “Big Game,” the water polo game is “Big […]