I see you, University


I just caught a quick commercial for the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week Marathon,” featuring a fictional “Bight University” (it’s a pun). As a native Southern Californian who enjoys the science sections of university bookstores, I immediately recognized that the actual university at which the commercial was filmed was none other than Caltech. (For those not familiar with the California Institute of Technology: it’s “Caltech,” not “Cal Tech,” not “Cal-Tech,” and certainly not “University of California, Tech.”)

At Stanford student group performances, it is customary to acknowledge performers whom you know by yelling out “I see you, ___” just before they sing/dance/give a commencement speech. So I just wanted to give Caltech a little “I see you, Caltech” shout-out so it didn’t feel unacknowledged.

Also, I should give UCLA a shout out for portraying it’s older brother in the movie Peaceful Warrior, based on the self-help/feel-good book Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Milman (I recommend it if you’re feeling in a rut… perhaps a Ph.D. rut). The book is set in Berkeley, but the actual scenes are shot at UCLA with the Berkeley Campanile (Sather Tower) digitally grafted into the background.

So: “I see you, UCLA!”


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