The Electric Car, Reborn


One of this summer’s quiet movies is Who Killed the Electric Car?, a film that has gone under the radar with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth taking the label of the summer’s environmentally-friendly film. As a summer student at SLAC four years ago, one of out invited speakers showed us his EV1 after his presentation (I can’t remember for the life of me what the presentation was about), lamenting its demise.

However, there might be a new life for electric vehicles–albeit one that isn’t quite targeted at being the car of the people. Autoreview and the Los Angeles Times have reported on a new luxury electric roadster that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds and recharges it’s good-for-250-miles battery in only 3.5 hours.

I feel obligated to mention that Tesla Automotive takes its name from Nikola Tesla, the inventor/physicist who played a major role in developing AC electrical systems. Tesla also claimed to have “completed a dynamic theory of gravity” (though he died before publishing any of it) and was critical of Einstein’s theories of relativity. It is unsurprising that he has a bit of a mixed legacy.

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