Red states are hot!


I flipped on CNN today as I grabbed a quick lunch in my apartment and noticed that the weather map looked strikingly similar. Here’s a map from

And here are some maps from a University of Michigan page displaying the results of the 2004 US presidential election (blue is democrat, red is republican):

County map, with shading representing proportions of voters:

County map, binary:

State map, binary:

I will avoid making political statements, but you can insert your favorite red state/blue state jokes at your leisure.

Update: In retrospect, this is just silliness. The correlation isn’t actually very good… but the map of red and blue states is very roughly weather-correlated (though I’m no meteorologist).  

All I can say is that it’s very nice to be spending the summer in a city where today’s high is 73 degrees F.

One Response to “Red states are hot!”

  1. Just a correction on your last post: The band that Tony Blair played in while at Uni was Ugly Rumours.

    I know, toma-toe, tom-ay-to, and all that…

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