Jello: Dessert for Grad Students


There’s one made-for-grad-student dessert that I cannot stay quiet about any longer. Jello! It’s not just for Bill Cosby.

Jello is cheap, insultingly-simple to make, and can be easily customized (I chose canned fruit and blueberries). There’s nothing easier than mixing hot water into powerder and sticking it into a refrigerator For about three dollars, you can produce a few days worth of desserts (or one extravagant dessert). It’s also “not unhealthy” (it’s a stretch to call it healthy), but becomes healthy when you cram lots of healthy fruits into it.

By the way, vegetarian jello recipies exist, as well as kosher/halal varieties.


2 Responses to “Jello: Dessert for Grad Students”

  1. What’s annoying about Jell-o is you can’t put acidic fruits in it, like pineapple. 😦 I love pineapple…

  2. I have been a Jello fanatic since I was a kid. I like your post because it brings the simplicity of Jello to light. Like you said, “What could be easier than mixing hot water with some powder.”

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