No more scary commercials!


A message from Scooter (pictured below) and me to the television industry: Please stop playing scary previews for scary movies.

I’ve recently taken to having the television on in the evening to provide some ambient noise while I grade/blog/read. However, Scooter and I have been disturbed by the number of scary movie previews that are played in the evenings. As a student living alone in an apartment with only my plush dog for company, these scary commercials are particularly frightening and cause me to change the channel quickly. Thus I miss most of the other advertisements and often find alternate programming on other networks, hence decreasing the financial value of that channel’s commercial time relative to other networks.

So it occurs to me (and Scoots) that television networks might want to reconsider their late night marketing strategies to the benefit of both their financial interests and my night’s sleep.

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