I’m on my way, Dr. Hawking!


Well, maybe not… but I’ll be in town anyway.

Stephen Hawking is looking for a graduate assistant to help prepare lectures and assist with scientific papers, according to the press. (Links: CNN, Telegraph, Guardian, BBC – above image from the BBC) The post is for up to two years… just like the Marshall scholarship. And guess what? I’ve been looking for a small job on the side to supplement my stipend. But before people egg me on to work with the most famous living physicist in the world, I should note that the job is a full-time non-academic commitment (i.e. neither feasible nor advisable for someone working on research). For what it’s worth, though, the job does seem to carry some of the glamor associated with Hawking, including working with the press, administrative duties, and travelling.

Purely out of curiosity I enquired about the job with the Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics and will post an update with any revelations if they get back to me (which one shouldn’t assume).

One Response to “I’m on my way, Dr. Hawking!”

  1. Hawking used to (or still does?) visit Caltech every winter to visit with Kip Thorne. A couple funny things. One was that his computer presents common words which follow previous words. Students noticed that when he selected “No” the computer thought the most likely next word was “Kip.” Also he used to nearly run over students on his way to the faculty club. I suspect, knowing his great sense of humor, that he did this on purpose.

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