Overheard: Princeton, Palo Alto, and Berkeley


Recently overheard from a friend of mine who just started his PhD in particle theory at Princeton:

Wow. Princeton town makes Palo Alto seem like Berkeley.

Of course, this is something of a loaded statement and can mean a range of things (which is what I found delightful about it), but he went on to explain:

It’s completely and utterly useless! At least Palo Alto has a Longs and Walgreens. Here there isn’t even a convenience store or anything. Just expensive restaurants and designer clothing stores.

He goes went on to explain that there is a large commercial center a short car trip away.

Good luck to Josh at Princeton!


One Response to “Overheard: Princeton, Palo Alto, and Berkeley”

  1. 1 gmig

    Oh no… I might be moving from Berkeley to Palo Alto very soon. Say it ain’t that much worse? I guess any place will have trouble being as awesome as Berkeley

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