Mission Statement


This is just a quick placeholder to let people know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet… just that of North America. As this blog was originally intended, I am now shifting the main goal of this blog towards documenting some of my experiences and thoughts about my time studying physics in the UK as a Marshall scholar. The original audience was a small group of close friends who had graduated together studying particle theory, but I will include the scope to include new friends (including 44 very special friends I’ve made this week) and anyone to whom my experiences may be helpful (e.g. other grad students, future Marshalls, fans of my summer blog, and my mother). I hope to blog about my observations of life at Cambridge and Durham, my experiences as a Marshall scholar (US-UK relations), physics of interest, and a handful of silly blogs of personal significance. I’ll do my best to focus my subject matter.

I will also try to tread more carefully in the blogosphere. I recently got into a bit of trouble with a professor whom I greatly respect (who does not know me personally) for misrepresenting his research interests on an earlier post. I will accordingly be even more stringent in requesting permission before I mention others in posts (leaving some leeway within reason for nonsubstantive references and credits).

I will also make the following caveat, which I will print somewhere prominently on the blog:

The content of this blog reflects only upon the thoughts and opinions of the author and do not reflect upon those of Stanford University, University of California, The Marshall Commission, Cambridge University (and associated college), University of Durham (and associated colleges), or any other individual or group. I apologize for any factual inaccuracies that may occur in my writing, corrections are welcome. Content on this blog is not meant to be divisive, though it may occasionally be political. Please note that all individuals mentioned by name are held in the highest regard, otherwise I would not have taken time to metion them. I apologize profusely if any material that is considered disrespectful to these individuals. With a polite note I will be very glad to mend the offending text.

I haven’t posted in a while, but I have several posts that I’ve been working on. Here’s a quick preview of posts that I may or may not end up finishing and posting:

  • Marshall Orientation Recap
  • Arrival in Cambridge
  • “I don’t wanna grow up, Part II: Grad School. Still Cool.”
  • Geeks and Jocks, a correlation.
  • Blog, Blog Revolution: thoughts on the future of science blogging.
  • The public responsibilities of the scientist.
  • I’m a physics groupie.
  • Running for the Geraldine Cully Fund
  • Divided by a Common Language: English and American

Anyway, I apologize for the delay. I’ve been trying to move into my room in Trinity College back in Burrell’s Field. Here are some images of the chaos:

Scooter is actually hiding behind the box on the bed.

This is my desk as of a few hours ago. One will note the sewing kit and the tie. I had one of my rare “grown-up” moments when I applied the former to the latter last night.

Oh the humanity!
So pardon the dust. I’ll do my best to keep up with everything.

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