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Yesterday my parents and I attended a reception for the 2006 Los Angeles Marshall Scholars at the home of Mr. Bob Peirce, the British Consul-General at LA. Mr. Pierce was the chair of my Marshall interview committee and arranged a very nice sendoff party for the four LA scholars. The guests included British academics, representatives […]

Autumn for physics students: finishing up summer research reports, asking for letters of recommendation for grad school, signing up for general education requirements, and … taking the Physics GRE. I had meant to post this over the summer for anyone who might be preparing for the November exam, but this is around the time when […]

Actually, I used to be a Toys ‘R’ Us kid, too. Anyway, as my last summer vacation for a long time trickles away, I realized that I really am growing up and getting old after I received this in the mail: Yes, it was my first snail mail solicitation from The Stanford Fund, my alma […]

[Some background: I’ve left Berkeley and will soon be travelling to the UK to begin two years of overseas study before returning to Cal to complete a PhD in theoretical particle physics.] Well, the summer is just about over, and I’m overdue for my obligatory post saying goodbye (for now) to Berkeley and looking back […]

Recently overheard from a friend of mine who just started his PhD in particle theory at Princeton: Wow. Princeton town makes Palo Alto seem like Berkeley. Of course, this is something of a loaded statement and can mean a range of things (which is what I found delightful about it), but he went on to […]

Well, maybe not… but I’ll be in town anyway. Stephen Hawking is looking for a graduate assistant to help prepare lectures and assist with scientific papers, according to the press. (Links: CNN, Telegraph, Guardian, BBC – above image from the BBC) The post is for up to two years… just like the Marshall scholarship. And […]

Marshall Movies


To prevent the shock that I associate with jumping into an unheated pool, I’ve gradually been trying to ease myself into the realization that I’m going to be living in the UK for two years. To achieve this, I’ve been watching (in some cases re-watching) some favorite UK-themed movies. I provide here a semi-annotated list, […]