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Note: the below article was written in August of 2006 and is just now being posted as an attempt to catch up on everything. For Part II of my thoughts on growing up and becoming a grad student I’d like to share thoughts about being young-but-not-that-young (henceforth referred to as ‘YBNTY‘). I mentioned in Part […]

A few more things I’ve picked up on: Chemist: a pharmacist. Note that getting perscriptions is a lot easier due to national healthcare. The Trailer of Life: rough equivalent to ‘Late Nite’ in Stanford-speak. It’s a van that sells generally-greasy food to drunk people late in the evenings. The name is a pun on another […]

This weekend is the ‘official’ move-in for most Cambridge students, including the undergraduates and UK nationals who had no reason to arrive early. As such, the town has suddenly blossomed with new life, and I think it’s time to write a little bit about where I live. Part one of this series will focus on […]