Learning English Pt. 2


A few more things I’ve picked up on:

Chemist: a pharmacist. Note that getting perscriptions is a lot easier due to national healthcare.

The Trailer of Life: rough equivalent to ‘Late Nite’ in Stanford-speak. It’s a van that sells generally-greasy food to drunk people late in the evenings. The name is a pun on another van, which has earned the nick name “the trailer of death” due to the nature of its fast-food-like items. Former Marshalls have suggested, alternatively, that the “life” it refers to is actually salmonella.

Tesco busty boobs: A type of sponge cake sold at Tesco, a discount supermarket. Tesco sells many dirt-cheap generic-brand items in large quantities, though the 29 pence jar of hair gel I bought is highly suspect.

TK Maxx: The UK equivalent of TJ Maxx. It is owned by the same parent company as its American twin.

Smoking area: A concept completely foreign to Californians, smoking areas are indoor spaces where one is allowed to smoke cigarettes and such. Many pubs and restaurants are de-facto smoking areas. I know, this is horrifying to people back home. The above photo is from the Heathrow airport.

Trolley: Cart. The above photo is from Heathrow airport.

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