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If you wear an academic gown about once a week (or more), then you’re likely to be at an Oxbridge institution. Or maybe Durham. Though I have this image of Durham gowns being insulating and extra water/wind-proof. I’ve become quite fond of my gown. Cambridge gowns are different from Oxford gowns, and slightly more stylish […]

Cambridge: where Part III of the mathematics tripos is as hard as the water. Please note that the following information is my own ‘rough summary’ and should not be taken as an official description as I am likely to make errors. maths: what an American would call ‘math’ (singular). If you think about it though, […]

I’m a bit of an arachnophobe, so naturally one of the first things I noticed about Cambridge is the number of spiders that seem to live happily here, there, and everywhere. When I first entered my room there was a little spider on the ceiling, which I helped outside my window to avoid the bad […]