Spiders Everywhere!


I’m a bit of an arachnophobe, so naturally one of the first things I noticed about Cambridge is the number of spiders that seem to live happily here, there, and everywhere. When I first entered my room there was a little spider on the ceiling, which I helped outside my window to avoid the bad karma of squishing my room’s previous tenant. Now there’s a much larger garden spider that has built a nest on the other side of my window. I’ve named her Charlotte, though I’m not sure if it’s a ‘she’ at all. I suspect she’s a garden spider, according to the UK Safari website:

I’ve made a pact with Charlotte not to bother her as long as she doesn’t bother me. Just to play it safe, though, I’m keeping that window shut.

There was another large spider in my hallway. I’m much less fond of it as I’m sure it’s not a registered guest in the E staircase of Burrell’s Field. I nearly ran into it two days ago and named it Mr. Smurf on a whim. I think Mr. Smurf is a house spider:

Unfortunately UK Safari notes that house spiders can survive for quite a longtime without food or water, so I’m concerned that Mr. Smurf may consider living on the first floor hall light for quite some time.

Anyway, perhaps because of Cambridgeshire’s many green spaces, spiders seem to be a common part of the local fauna. I wonder if the outdoor ones pass away or hibernate for the winter (which isn’t terribly cold, I hear). I suppose having spiders outside is a little better than having flying insects make their way willy-nilly to and from my open windows.

Update: On closer examination, Mr. Smurf is also a garden spider. I also suspect that Mr. Smurf is actually a female.

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