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Note: The following article was mostly written in August 2006. “Mad? Is one who has solved the secret of life to be considered mad?” Dr. Otto von Niemann in The Vampire Bat (1933) In the summer of 2003 I participated in an undergraduate internship program at SLAC, where I was voted by the other students […]

After attending Trinity’s “Chaplain’s Squash” (hint: it has nothing to do with the chaplain¬† or squash) a few evenings ago and signing up for the college’s ultimate frisbee society, I was reminded of a bit of press that lit up the academic blogosphere for a bit. A professor at the University of Washington conducted a […]

I was ready to bet money that Guth, Linde, and Steinhardt would win for the development of inflationary cosmology, but I’m very happy that John Mather (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) and George Smoot won this year’s prize. I had made a Guth\Linde prediction just before the 2005 prize after a conversation trying to predict […]