Photos of Trinity College at Night


This is a photo-blog post! Tonight we had our first BA dinner (a formal hall dinner with no undergrads), which was quite nice.

Here’s a photo of the residents of my floor on staircase E of Burrell’s Field, dressed up for formall hall (L to R: PJ, me, Anna, Julijana):

Here’s a silly one of me with my friend Adam, who lives in Churchill College and doesn’t wear a gown to formal hall (“super hall” in Churchill). He’s an astrophysicist who I’ve been trying to recruit to join me in Berkeley for a PhD after our time in the UK. (He suggested that he might post-doc there after a Cambridge PhD, but due to the length of British PhDs, I would only be a second year PhD candidate when he would join as a post-doc!)

We live in a building that looks like this from the outside:

Here are some of the newer digs for undergraduates in the same complex. They look quite spacious (multi-room, I believe) and have very large windows that people occasionally use to toss items between buildings. (The Cambridge undergrads get nicer accomodations than their grads! At Stanford, this would be like swapping the residents of Twain and EV.)

Anyway, after our nice BA dinner, Anna and I experimented with night photography on her digital camera. Here are some of our better results.

This is Neville’s Court. The archway depicted is the one that Isaac Newton used to measure the speed of sound.

Another picture of Neville’s Court, this one looking at the Trinity library. The Wren Reading Room is behind the large windows on the left. This is where I signed my name in the Trinity matriculation book, to be shelved with hundreds of years’ worth of other signatures, including some very notable names. Unfortunately I was a bit awestruck and ended up signing my name really gimpy.

This is one of our favorite photos of Neville’s Court. Trinity doesn’t have very many lamp posts… ostensibly to preserve the character of the college… but this one looks quite nice. Note that all of these photos are taken in darkness and the tone comes primarily from long exposures.

Another favorite, this is a picture of the moon over New Court. Note that the clouds are blurred because they are moving so quickly across the sky (relative to the exposure time, anyway). This is partly why the weather changes so often in Cambridge. I really like the colors here (to our eyes the sky was black with gray clouds against it, the long exposure turned it a subdued blue).

Here’s another photo showing the clouds blurring against the moon, this time in Great Court. This portion of the court is blocked off from visitors, though you’ll occasionally see tourists poking their heads in from the gate.

Finally, this is my favorite picture (it was Anna’s photo), since you can see some of the brighter stars in the sky as well as an oblique reflection  of lights from the stairs that we placed the camera on.

There are a few places online where people sell very fancy photos of Cambridge, some in the evenings. However, visitors (such as outside photographers) aren’t allowed inside the colleges after hours… so these are nice photos to have!


2 Responses to “Photos of Trinity College at Night”

  1. 1 Chris

    Hi Flip,

    Cambridge looks very neat! I have to say that I find an interesting (but peaceful) location to be very helpful in the research process. I am certainly envious of and impressed with the opportunities that you have earned.


    p.s. — do you have an office? if so, can we see that 🙂

  2. ::Laughs:: I think Chris is teasing me because I have the poor habit of complaining to him about things that I shouldn’t be complaining about… and then later lamenting those same things after they’re gone. Alas, Part III students are without office space and don’t even get a proper graduation ceremony. I think libraries are the ‘in’ place to be when it comes to studying, since most people aren’t doing too much independent research at this stage.

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