School on Saturday


One of my favorite quotes from some random television show (I forgot which) is “That’s like school on Sunday… no class!” Well, Cambridge is a classy place; and though we don’t have class on Sunday, we do have class on Saturdays.

As I was heading out of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences building I noticed someone standing guard over a table of orange juice and snacks. Such tables regularly seem to pop up with tea, or juice, or wine to encourage interaction between students and members of CMS. Today, however, I overhead the person explaining to a student that this time the cookies were actually for a group of visiting school children:

These are for the school children! All these students come up and think these are for them just for showing up on Saturday morning… well it’s not!

This was pertinent since last night I had a discussion with my neighbor Stephan (a theoretical physicist from Berlin) about how daily lectures from 9am – 1pm made us feel like we were in grade school again.

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