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Fact: Halloween originated in Ireland. I learned this in my quantum field theory class from Evan, my Irish friend and Trinity basketball teammate. He explained the that Hallows’ Eve was the last night that one could harvest crops. Unharvested crops would then be claimed by the puca, which (according to Wikipedia) are mischevious spirits. I […]



I was recently reading through one of my favourite general relativity textbooks when I found an odd sticky note with the following cryptic words: 4 libram of constitution 1 black diamond 4 night dragons breath 1 lung juice cocktail 30 g. I realized that the handwriting was not mine and tried to figure out what […]

I finally got around to setting up my internet banking account with my bank (about a month after everybody else). It was very surprising to find myself talking to a real live person on the other end of the phone when I dialed in the number to confirm my registration. What more, the person I […]