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Unlike Halloween, Thanksgiving hasn’t really made its way over the Atlantic as an imported holiday. Apparently this makes it quite a bit of an expatriate event, one manifestation requiring the Westpoint Marshall scholars to pick up some canned pumpkin pie mix from the US Airbase here. In the meanwhile, however, it’s been pointed out that […]

Today was a complete deja vu day. The 11 a.m. “Symmetries and Particle Physics” course repeated (nearly verbatim) the content of the 10 a.m. GR course. The professors are different, though the material is some foundational differential geometry that the former will use to describe Lie groups and that the latter will use to formulate […]

As I groggily left my “Symmetries and Particle Physics” course, I noticed someone new in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences main eating/meeting room. Much to my surprise (though not to anyone else’s), there was Dr. Stephen Hawking! I wasn’t about to make myself look like a cheeky American, so I went along on my way […]

On my second night in Cambridge I attended an Association of Marshall Scholars dinner reception following a conference on climate change. The centerpiece of the event was a speech about US and UK media given by James Naughtie of BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme. One of Mr. Naughtie’s claims was that the US has excellent […]

Cambridge takes on a bit of a different character at night: the many little alleyways become dark and mysterious, bicycles are just a bright LED followed by the sound of bells (useful for alerting pedestrians as you make sharp turns onto the aforementioned alleys), and the river Cam is just a reflection of the lights […]

There are a few really international languages. One of them is footbal (“soccer”). Unfortunately I don’t speak that one yet. Another one is mathematics, which I know a little bit about. A third, somewhat newer international language is basketball (Don’t think so? Just look at the results of the FIBA tournament this year.), and this […]

(Reference: The Simpsons: “Treehouse of Horror V” ) The UK is always a little bit behind the US in terms of technology and such. Television shows used to (but no longer) be aired here a season late, movies made their Hollywood debut long before hitting London, and little Japanese and American boys and girls master […]