A String Theory Joke


Going to a university with a large proportion of international students, I was recently reminded of a joke with which one of my history teachers ended his Modern European History course:

Q. What are the three shortest books ever written?

A. Italian War Heros, French Military Victories, and German Humor

The teacher wasn’t very well liked, and the joke went rather unappreciated. However, I can now officially vouch for the fact that the latter book is at least non empty (at the risk of sounding like a mathematician).

A couple of days ago Steffen, one of my [German] theoretical physics colleague, presented us with the following joke (attributed to H. Kleinert) which still has my inner geek roaring in laughter:

It is said that papers in string theory are published at a rate greater than the speed of light. This, however, is not problematic since no information is being transmitted.



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  1. re to string theory joke: which one of the ten dimensions are you telling this joke in?? 🙂

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