Archive for November 28th, 2006

I just have to throw in my vote for Dr. David Tong (apparently ‘professor’ is higher honorific analogous to ‘full professor’ in the states) for physics stud of the year. I think the APS administers the award. From a student’s point of view, however, I have to give Dr. Tong my complete endorsement for the […]

Just a quick thought… some Americans have noticed the difference in the caliber of collegiate sport(s) in Cambridge (and the UK in general) versus US universities. I’ve heard a few theories for this, including cultural differences, more focus on academics or other extracurriculars (debating), and so forth. One cannot argue, however, that Oxbridge crew is […]

Today my friend Mars invited me and Katie to Selwyn’s Christmas formal hall. Mars is a mathematical physicist from Seoul National University and Katie is a theoretical cosmologist from Princeton, but remarkably we didn’t exclusively talk about physics. (It’s something of a courtesy/shamelessness rule that physicists should be mindful of those around them and perhaps […]