How do they play sports?


Just a quick thought… some Americans have noticed the difference in the caliber of collegiate sport(s) in Cambridge (and the UK in general) versus US universities. I’ve heard a few theories for this, including cultural differences, more focus on academics or other extracurriculars (debating), and so forth. One cannot argue, however, that Oxbridge crew is at the top of its game. In fact, Trinity once won and Olympic gold medal in rowing (this is due to the system in which rowing teams were selected to represent England in the 1920s).

I suspect that the reason for both of these effects is because of the overwhelming pervasiveness of the river Cam. Just as rowing is a natural sport to take up, every other sport is somewhat hindered by the river. Any cricket ball, frisbee, football that is hit/thrown/kicked too far will inevitably be gobbled up by the murky Cam. It doesn’t matter where you are when you hit/throw/kick it… if you do so hard enough in any arbitrary direction you’re bound to lose equipment to the river.

PS–I recently purchased a version of ‘Rule Britannia’ from iTunes. It has to be one of my favourite songs in the past… week or so. I feel like I’m being colonized every time I listen to it. Strangely enough this is a positive feeling.


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  1. 1 robert

    Your enthusiasm for ‘Rule Britannia’ must be symptomatic of the creeping anglophilia that Cambridge sometimes induces in the unwary. How do you rate the rarely sung (and non-PC) later verses of the National Anthem – frustrate their knavish tricks etc – and the patriots’ paean that is Land of Hope and Glory? (The lyrics to the latter were penned by the Master of a College smaller and less financially fortunate than your own – Magdalene) If these find their way onto your iPod the diagnosis will be confirmed.

  2. with your organs

  3. 3 Ed

    Perhaps the constraints of the playing area and the evolving speed/distance/accuracy advancement in sports requires that the tools of said games be miniaturized. Smaller/lighter balls and discs. As an example: miniature night time light up Frisbee.


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