Advanced Particles


An excellent letter to the editor from this month’s issue of Symmetry Magazine:

Reading your September issue of symmetry, I was reminded of when Larry Rosenson of MIT told me the story some years ago of being stuck on a long flight next to a talkative woman. She insisted on telling him how great her son was. “He did this, he did that…” Larry tried everything he could think of to stop her chatter. Finally, he took out a book titled something like “Elementary Particle Physics.” The woman saw the title and said, “Oh, I see you are studying elementary particle physics. My son studied advanced particle physics.”

-Harvey L. Lynch, SLAC

I finally sorted out my subscription to Symmetry and am now receiving copies to my ‘pigeon hole.’ I recommend it to anyone interested in the culture of particle physics (and yes, there are bits of actual physics in there, too!).

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