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A couple of weeks ago I attended the DAMTP Christmas party. It’s still up in the air if Part III students were actually invited to the DAMTP Christmas party, but isn’t being a grad student all about carpe diem and all that? The party was ‘Sci-Fi’ themed, which meant there were plenty of robots and […]

Professor Clifford Johnson’s blog post describing winter in Santa Monica has made me a bit homesick. So I’ll do my best to return the favor by putting up a few photographs of Durham University, where Dr. Johnson was previously before moving to USC. By the way, I’ve learned that it’s pronounced DAR’em, not DUR-um and […]

It turns out that there aren’t too many students around Cambridge during the Christmas break*. My curiosity has correspondingly shifted towards the flora rather than the fauna of the area, and I’ve recently been fascinated by a type of tree that is common on the western part of the city. *-by the way, it really […]