The fog that envelopes England


I haven’t seen the sun in about 3 days. This also happens once in a while during the rainy season in California, but not in the spectacularly foggy way as I’ve witnessed in Cambridge. I’ve speculated before that Cambridge is in its element in a light drizzle. I now see that the fog turns Cambridge into Hogwarts. (Indeed, the train ride from Durham was lacking only in jelly slugs and coconut ice.)

My buddy Mars, a fellow Part III student interested in mathematical physics, took some photos, including the following:

Image from Mars Lee on The Art of Equations.

(Mars also maintains a blog called The Art of Equations.)

The fog that transformed my school into Harry Potter’s has also enveloped much of the rest of England. Unfortunately Heathrow has been having trouble with visibility, cancelling over a thousand flights in the past few days. Things have cleared up a bit recently, so hopefully there will be some Love Actually endings after all.

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