A sample of West Cambridge snowfolk


It’s a bit late for a white Christmas, but I’ve been whistling Christmas carols anyway. Yesterday’s snow begat some ephemeral new friends around Cambridge.

(What’s in the bag? Weinberg I and II, protected from the snow.)

I made friends with this particularly well shaped snowperson. It was the only one that had the sense to put on a scarf.

These three snowfolk set up shop in front of the CMS to greet students. Or perhaps they’re spies sent by Pavillion E to keep an eye on the Newton Institute.

This medium-sized snow dude is overlooking the entrance to CMS from the roof of the core. In addition to a great view, s/he was privy to prime snow-balling position.

This is a mini-snow… thing (hippo?) that was sitting in Burrell’s Field. It’s hard to see, but it is wearing a leaf hat.

This snowman brought along his snow puppy! Close up photograph here:

I found this meditating snow-fellow in the Trinity fellow’s garden. This definitely gets a distinction for design.

And finally, alas… memento mori.


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