Valentine’s for Mathematicians


I can’t resist sharing a common joke among mathematics students (‘mathmos’) in Cambridge:

What’s the difference between an extroverted mathmo and an introverted mathmo? The extroverted mathmo will look at your shoes when s/he is talking to you.

In this vein, most people wouldn’t think of mathematicians as being particularly suited for Valentine’s day. Ironically, theoretical physicists — often grouped as ‘mathematicians’ in the UK — don’t seem to have this reputation, according to this Seed Magazine article from last year. (The punchline: Schrödinger, Curie, Einstein, Feynman, Oppenheimer… all ‘players’!)

Anyway, perhaps attempting to develop a similar image for mathematicians, I present the Klein Four Group. They are a mathematically-inclined a capella group from Northwestern University, whose hit song, ‘Finite Simple Group of Order Two,’ might be just what you were looking for to win over the math geek in your life:

Finally, a comic of possible Valentine’s gifts for one’s advisor from PhD Comics.


3 Responses to “Valentine’s for Mathematicians”

  1. 1 Marysa

    Hey Fliptomato,

    I wanted to let you know I stumbled upon your blog while googling help for a sociology assignment. I truly enjoy your writings, especially the one on Facebook. Keep them coming!


  2. 2 Boble

    No update for days…

  3. 3 sirix

    “(The punchline: Schrödinger, Curie, Einstein, Feynman, Oppenheimer… all ‘players’!)”

    _At least_ with Curie I’m pretty sure that she was rather introvertic. All the biographical articles I’ve read describe her life as filled with pain and dilemmas. One of her quotes (my poor translation): “Let everyone of us make, like a silkworm, his own cocoon and don’t try to understand…*”. As far as I know it was about social relations :-). Last of these also suggests that she didn’t go socialize to often.

    And I always thought, but don’t precisely know why, that Einstein was a rather diificult person to make friends with as well.

    * “Niech każdy z nas, jak jedwabnik, tka swój kokon i nie żąda wyjaśnień, po co i na co…”

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