Subversive Propaganda?


Today I recieved a kind note from the porter requesting that I take down the `posters’ from my window:

2 May 07
Mr. [Flip Tomato],
Please remove the posters from your window to day. This no allowed in room’s at trinity. Thank’s.

[sic.] I dutifully went ahead and took them down, but not before snapping a photograph of my 3rd floor (`2nd floor’ in the UK) window:

When I put these up a few weeks ago I didn’t think of them so much as `posters’ but rather `installation art.’ 🙂 There was something poetic about the signs, illuminated by the California-esque sunshine, at a time when students have reached manic levels of pre-examination stress.

Anyway, not to worry; I’m not about to quit my day job in hopes of becoming the next Bansky.


3 Responses to “Subversive Propaganda?”

  1. 1 Steffen

    Hmm… I thought all porters were British.

  2. 2 evankeane

    oh that is so stupid! you should replace your “posters” and tell them porters to stop acting the maggot!

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