Hiatus filler: Britain in the fake US news


Despite being on temporary blog hiatus, I can’t but help share a few snippits from the fake US news, as presented by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and Colbert Report.

Jon Stewart’s guest on The Daily Show was Jeremy Paxman, author of On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry Into Some Strangely Related Families. Paxman is a journalist for the BBC and host of university challenge. A link to the interview is here. (It’s more fun to watch than to read my quotes.)
On the queen’s visit:

JS: The queen `mum’ was just in our country…
JP: You noticed! I’m impressed.
JS: We were enthralled by it and we were glad that she was able to receive the condescending and bizzare treatment from the first family that the rest of us have been enjoying for the past 6 yrs. [Re: The queen’s age, and `the wink.’]

On the Modern Monarchy:
JP: There is something to be said of the powers that George Bush has in this country.
JS: We’re WORKING on that.
JP: … they are exactly the powers that a king in Britain had 200 years ago. We’ve kind of evolved since then. […] To be serious for a second: there are lots of things to be said for [the monarchy]. Not the least of which being that it keeps this position of being the ultimate embodiment of the nation out of the hands of the politicians, who seek it to gratify their own ego. At the very minimal level it’s a good system from that point of view

Next, the opening line from the Colbert Report from the same evening:

Stephen Colbert: Tonight: British Prime Minister Tony Blair steps down, I wonder who President Bush will appoint in his place?


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