Hiatus filler: The Guardian on Graduation


One thing Part III students do not have the privilege of doing is graduating. This isn’t a poetic statement that Part III is about preparing its students for a lifetime of mathematics… rather I suspect this has to do with funding and the official status of Part III as something in between an undergrad and graduate degree.

The Guardian has a nice article on the price of commencement speakers in the US. It’s worth pointing out for the UK-US cultural differences it brings up as well as some of the dollar values involved.

A related Stanford story: Rumour had it that during Chelsea Clinton’s time as an undergraduate at Stanford, the students and administration decided not to invite Bill Clinton to speak at commencement because of the Lewinski scandal. Since then (again, rumour has it), he has declined any further invitations to give the commencement speech.

As it is the season, congrats to all of the graduates of the Class of 2007… even those that don’t have a graduation ceremony, and even those whose exam period is just beginning, say, this Thursday.


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  1. 1 evankeane

    what is a commencement speaker?

    … i am too lazy to look it up on wikipedia

  2. This is off topic I’m afraid, but you’ve spoken in the past about the use of blogs in academia and learning. I’m now using a widget on my blog which links directly into my Google Reader page. At a single click I can chose an article from a blog post or news to appear in the blog widget. Because there is a feed from the Arxiv I can instantaneously advertise a particular paper which appears. It’s not quite the interaction that one might want, but it is the instantaneousness. You can even add someone else’s chosen articles as a feed in your own feed reader.

    Anyway, I hope that’s of interest to you.

    All the best, J

  3. Hey, that’s pretty neat! Thanks Jonathan!

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