New book: “Universe or Multiverse?”


Cambridge University Press has just published a new collection of articles on the topic of the multiverse and landscape. The book, edited by Bernard Carr of Queen Mary University of London, contains quite a few well-known authors and claims to offer a range of opinions and perspectives: from technical to popular articles, from particle physicists to philosophers, and from Lenny Susskind to Lee Smolin.

I only had a chance to take a quick glance at the book while I was taking my weekend walk around city centre, so I can’t say much about the content. Given the nature of the subject, however, I imagine it will elicit its fair share of strong opinions. For now I’ve added it to my already-lengthy list of things to take a closer look at if time ever permits.


One Response to “New book: “Universe or Multiverse?””

  1. Hi flip,

    Yes, the multiverse concept is becoming increasingly popular and the more I read the more convincing the argument. Thanks for the headsup on the new book.

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