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Bee at Backreaction (always a great read) recently posted a note about the LHC Theory Initiative in which she mentions the difference between “innovative” US phenomenology versus “novel” European phenomenology. In the comments section, Rae Ann made the excellent point that there may be too much emphasis on competition versus collaboration. (If you have no idea we mean by […]

Last month I was discussing future plans with another American student at the Trinity May Ball. I mentioned that I was going to Durham, to which my colleague erroneously asked, “ah, you’re going to Duke?” He was referring to the university located in Durham, North Carolina famous for its basketball programme. In this light, I thought I’d say a few words […]

The area directly between the main Trinity College site and Burrell’s Field is called the Backs. Since my arrival in Cambridge I’ve been taking photos of the Backs from the same spot every month. 29 September 2006 3 October 2006 18 November 1006 25 December 2006 24 January 2007 8 February 2007 19 March 2007 […]

Trying to be somewhat poetic, I picked July 4th (American Independence Day) as the day that I would say goodbye to Cambridge and move north to my new home in Durham University. How I’ll remembmer my room, E8 Burrell’s Field. Before I get a mushy and sentimental, I should note that there is no other […]