arXiv/SPIRES in your Firefox search bar


Mark, my office mate, has written a nice bit of code to include an arXiv and SPIRES searches in the Firefox 1.x search bar. One can find the install them here. He asks me to note that these are not yet compatible with version 2 of Firefox. Thanks Mark!


2 Responses to “arXiv/SPIRES in your Firefox search bar”

  1. Hi there,

    I use Firefox 2 and there is certainly a Spires search available for the google toolbar. I believe I got it from this site: but I couldn’t be completely sure.


  2. 2 Mark

    Cheers – I obviously didn’t look hard enough on the site! Turns out there’s an arxiv one too there. However, I think they don’t allow a choice of mirror? If you’re based in the uk and want to be a good netizen, the link above is still of some use, I hope…

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