It’s all Greek to me


I previously mentioned in passing that I’ve been trying to pick up modern Greek in my spare time. These days, however, spare time has given way to deadlines and my linguistic pursuits have been put on hold.

A few days ago, however, I met a Greek MSc. student and tested out my knowledge by trying to spell his name out in Greek. This wasn’t a terribly impressive feat, but he seemed surprised and asked me where I became so familiar with the Greek alphabet.

At the time I happened to be reading a copy of Cheng and Li’s Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physics, so I casually flipped to a random page and showed him that every physics student knows the Greek alphabet. 🙂


3 Responses to “It’s all Greek to me”

  1. I’ve become a bit of a Pimsleur pusher these days but having learnt Mandarin through this system, and now Spanish I am recommending it to everyone. It’s really expensive but you may be able to find it in a decent library or ‘cough, cough’ through less traditional methods.

    I see that there is a Greek version:

    The half hour lessons are the easiest way I’ve ever found to learn a language.


  2. I remember my cousin (who had learnt Greek while living in Cyrpus for a year) was surprised that I knew the greek alphabet. He did criticise my pronunciation however …



  3. I have distinct memories of Matt saying “eff-moo-noo” for the field strength tensor.

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