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I get a lot of traffic from people looking for introductory QFT literature, so I was excited to hear news via The Reference Frame that a fraction of the handwritten notes from Sidney Coleman’s Quantum Field Theory Course have been LaTeX’ed up into handy PDFs. They are available on Bryan Chen’s webspace, thanks Bryan!

For those who are looking for some more advanced material from Sidney Coleman, his Erice Lectures make excellent reading after a first QFT course.

This is the same Coleman, by the way, of the Coleman-Mandula theorem among other huge contributions to quantum field theory. There are some great videos from SidneyFest 2005, a celebration of Coleman’s.

As a final note, I have been told that there exist somewhere at Harvard University a set of DVDs of Coleman’s original QFT lectures (from which the above notes are based). As I understand, these were digitized from VHS tapes in the libray by a Harvard physics students. Professor Coleman, however, has declined to make these publically available because he’s meticulous about quality*. The student is right to abide by his wishes. All the same, however, I would desperately like to see these lectures. (And the student who has the DVD copy of them… you know who you are!)

* – Feynman had a similar reservation about his Lectures on Gravitation; the latter lectures were never released for publication.

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  1. Hi! Before I left the US, I was assisting Brian Greene, Dan Kabat et al. to get a video of Coleman’s talk about QM with some funny title I forgot. It was on VHS and was sent to them. I suppose you could get yours, too, but you would have to find someone at Harvard, such as Frederik Denef ;-), and convince him to negotiate with the library etc. All the best, Lubos

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