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There is an `experimentalist’ workshop going on this week and I’ve had the pleasure of having dinner with some of the postgraduate students. After hearing how everyone gets to go to CERN, however, I’ve experienced a new feeling: experimentalist-envy!

I had a good laugh, however, during a discussion of the cost-of-living in CERN. One British student offered the following:

The problem with France is that they don’t have your cheap, basic, standard `bad food.’ 

While the other British students nodded in solemn agreement, I couldn’t help but chuckle at this rather frank assessment of British staple foods.


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  1. 1 robert

    Successive UK governments have pauperised the academic and technical professions. It is only appropriate that, in their younger days, boffins reap some of the benefits of globalisation visisted on them by those that have brought about their ruin. A pair of trousers – £5 at Primark or Matalan; a loaf of bread – 32p at Tesco , if you go for their own super-saver brand; dead drunk and nauseous – £5 on Co-op or other own-brand strong cider (Diamond White I believe). French food and drink may be better, but it is much more expensive. Then again, les grenouilles regard the term idiot savant as a challenging oxymoron, rather than a self evident truth.

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