For homesick physicists


A nice paragraph from `A lab away from home,’ by Elizabeth Clements in Symmetry Magazine, Vol 4 Issue 6 (Aug 2007) :

Living in a new place–be it a strange city or a different continent– takes you out of your element, away from the comforts of home. It can make you more vulnerable. Perhaps it is that vulnerability, not wanting to be alone in a foreign environment, that casts off your shell. When people sit in a meeting room together, share a meal together, or drink a beer together, cultural barriers can melt away and trust, even friendship, seep in.

“If we are going to build the ILC together, we have to learn to trust and interact with each other,” [SLAC physicist Tor] Raubenheimer says. “All of us do better by spending time in other places.”

Tor’s statement holds for more than just building the International Linear Collider, I think. 🙂


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