Eotvos-Cornell 2007 Workshop on Particle Theory


I recently stumbled upon the program for the Eotvos-Cornell 2007 Workshop on Particle Theory: BSM at the Dawn of the LHC Era. If you’re thinking about attending don’t bother — it’s outside your future lightcone, the event took place earlier this year in June.

`___ at the dawn of the LHC’ has been a popular conference title this year, and for good reason. If the LHC indeed starts a science run next summer, then it’s `party like it’s 1999‘ time for particle physicists… especially the theorists, who have been kind of sitting around doing things like the LHC Olympics.

The Eotvos-Cornell workshop caught my eye because of the very broad sampling of Beyond the Standard Model phenomenology `current status’ talks. (If you have no clue what this means, see my introductory post on what I study.) It’s a lot of fun to skim through some of the slides to get a feel for the current research frontier; something particularly useful for beginning PhD students.

What I also noticed was that there were quite a few funny titles:

The award for least informative talk title goes to:

Anyway, despite my silliness the talks are all worth a quick look. I only think it’s a shame that they didn’t have video recordings made! (Also, a note for speakers: it’s really helpful to have a slide in your `extra slides’ section with a list of references to current research and review articles.)


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