Tesco in Southern California


It seems that Tesco made it to Southern California before I got back. The UK grocery-and-everything-else superstore has opened up”Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets” in SoCal, Nevada, and Arizona. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times has a very positive review, comparing the new stores to California’s beloved Trader Joe’s.

Fresh & Easy markets, it seems, are miniturized and personalized versions of their parent company—if that’s not an oxymoron. The chain focuses on providing small, welcoming environment with affordable select name- and store-brand prepackaged food. (Sounds a little like Marks & Spencer, doesn’t it?) The store description was in stark contrast to my image of the Durham Tesco: a mega store twice as large as city centre where you can purchase … food, clothes, toys, school supplies… well, pretty much everything I ever purchase these days.

The store won’t be highlighting British cuisine (I’m not even sure which foods fall into that category), which is fine. There’s always the King’s Head in Santa Monica for those who want their baked beans for breakfast. (See also these links.)

And anyway, they even Americanized the spelling of “Neighbourhood.”

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  1. 1 evankeane

    ha! i saw this on the news and i was going to tell you – you big tesco nut you!



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