Why the British tourist industry is struggling?


I’ve been holding my tongue since I first heard the “be a Brit different” adverts promoting UK tourism. But a controversial ad for the Eurostar has me wondering if I’m missing the point of tourism altogether. The Belgian advert portrays a “tattooed skinhead urinating into a china teacup.”

Am I the only one that is utterly confused? (Even after reading the article’s `explanation.’) This, apparently, is okay since the ad is pitched towards Belgians who `get it.’ Actually, I think the ad has done more to make me second-guess any trips to Brussels rather than make me feel like visiting London.


2 Responses to “Why the British tourist industry is struggling?”

  1. 1 Steffen

    Hey Flip, a thought for Sunday: why don’t you occasionally answer an email in a few lines instead of blogging every other day. 🙂

  2. 2 robert

    Presumably the Belgians ‘get it’ because of the resonance it has with their own (and perhaps only) cultural icon – the Mannequin Pis. Beyond that, the whole thing confirms my every suspicion about those who work in advertising – that they are as mad as monkeys and live in a world of their own making.

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