UK young physicists speak up against STFC funding cuts


There’s already been a lot on the blogosphere about the STFC’s (hint: not a football club) budget cuts in particle physics and astronomy, so I wont recap. See the discussion and links at NEW and CV for background.

(Image from  J. Jackson’s group.)

Facing the consequences of these decisions in their scientific careers, UK physics students and young researchers are signing a letter urging J. Denham, MP and Secretary of State for Innovation, to consider the long-term effects of the funding cuts to UK science and industry. The effort has been spearheaded by James Jackson of CERN/Bristol.

The letter is available here. If you are a `young physicist’ in the UK or supported by the UK, I suggest checking it out. If you’d like to add your name to the letter, please e-mail James at james [dot] jackson [at] cern [dot] ch with your name, reserarch area, and institution.

They hope to send the letter out soon, so please do so by this Sunday. (Yes, it’s a bit late notice, but it’ll take five minutes to read the letter and e-mail James.)


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