Symmetry Magazine: they missed Tommaso


Along with a few Christmas presents (including some American sweets), I have just received my Oct/Nov copy of Symmetry Magazine, which gives a sense of how long it can take to deliver mail overseas.

This issue’s `deconstruction’  column highlights various parts of a CDF author list, including pointing out interesting stories associated with a few of the names. (Out of 600+ authors, nine are married couples and there’s even a pair of identical twins.) However, among the many nice observations, I was a bit surprised that they didn’t point out [famous] physics blogger Tommaso in the batch. (He’s the only person I know on CDF, so it was the only name I looked for.)

Anyway, I saw your name, TD!


One Response to “Symmetry Magazine: they missed Tommaso”

  1. Yep, they did. What a shame 🙂 However, I think we have such a number of extraordinary people in CDF that not making that list can be taken light-heartedly.


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