Reading the tea-leaves


I was brewing some herbal tea earlier this evening when I realised that my tea pot now has a small fracture. I am, apparently, destined to be another crack pot theorist.

For more physicists reading the future, here’s a 2006 paper on `modelling society with statistical mechanics.’  The premise sounds a little bit like Isaac Asimov’s `psychohistory‘ from his Foundation novels.


2 Responses to “Reading the tea-leaves”

  1. 2 Olga

    I gave a talk on percolation some time ago and during the preparation I came across an article about percolation and terrorism. Apparenty you can describe terroristic networks and whether they are detected by a percolation model similar to one describing forest fires. The article was actually very nice and funny.

    By the way, I find Asimov’s psychohistory really interesting. If I discovered some of those psychohistoric laws I would earn a lot of money at the stock market.

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