Particle Plushies!


I assume anyone who reads this blog has already seen The Particle Zoo: Subatomic Particle Plush Toys via Cosmic Variance, but in case you haven’t…

(Image from The Particle Zoo)

I already own a few Giant Microbes, but the chance to have a Standard Model’s worth of little particles on my desk is too much to resist. Each particle is tagged (experimentalists, add your jokes here) and get this: they’re even weighted according to their Standard Model mass! For example, the Higgs is filled with sand while the photon has polyfill.

They’ll even be adding a set of antiparticles, KK modes, and mesons (for you B-physicists!) to the mix. For now a complete Standard Model set costs $100, which I think will be money well spent to decorate my desk. You can also buy subsets (e.g. leptons, gauge bosons) for cheaper.

The plushie particles are made by Julie in Los Angeles, who credits public lectures and popular science books for encouraging her lifelong interest in physics and cosmology. Thanks Julie, you’ve made this postgraduate smile with delight! (… and you have me saving up my stipend…) By the way, you should chalk this one up as one of the successes of public outreach. Not to mention that these toys would be fun to bring along to any outreach events.


4 Responses to “Particle Plushies!”

  1. By the way, proof that these can be used for effective outreach: I recently shared the Particle Zoo link to a friend of mine, who then messaged me a few hours later with: “So whats the story with this graviton dude who is theoretically everywhere? Stupid stuffed animals are getting me interested in subatomic particles. :-)”

  2. 2 David

    “Flip Tomato” would have been the first thought to pop into my head if I saw these first. Classic Flip material. Congratulations on finding your family 🙂

  3. 3 Alejandro Rivero

    I’d would buy some non standard ones too. Say coloured charged +4/3 chiral fermions, or some other unlikely beast.

  4. Nice post.

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